The Poet

The Poet

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vous Voulez? by Ronald S Porter ©2014

You called it "making soup"
when we had sex
and we shared the joke and
secret understanding
I taught you a few latin words
while you teased me in French
your grand mamam approved of me
your mother hoped we'd marry
but your love was only a symbol
of youthful rebellion
and search for identity
mine was nothing more or less
than my desire for a dream
we sprouted in spring
blossomed in summer
and in autumn withered
like the leaves that fell
and blew away in the wind
a warning of winter to come
it was but a few days
yet for that few
it was all day every day
and Love was
teasing secrets
language lessons, laughter and
a big hot bowl of soup

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