The Poet

The Poet

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bottle Goods To Go by Ronald Porter ©2014

I was drinking away my memories
of the latest love affair gone wrong,
listening to my favorite sad song,
down at that bar, on Four Corners,
where hopes and dreams go to die.

Then she came walking in the door
fine frame, pretty face, long red hair 
and a psychotic gleam in her eye.
She ordered a triple; drained the glass;
dropped a coin in the music machine.
Man! Could she ever shake her ass!

While we were talking, I detected
some sort of short circuit in her brain.
But, when she whispered into my ear,
I hurried up to finish my beer.
'Cause, she made an offer to ease my pain.

I grabbed my coat, ready to go
called over a bartender named Joe
And said Before I leave, I believe
I want two shots of misery
and a case of heartbreak to go.

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