The Poet

The Poet

Friday, January 29, 2010

No Film At Eleven (A rant for a society raised on TeeVee)

This is life!
There will be no brief interruption
For a word from our sponsors.
There will NOT be film at eleven.
You will not recieve updates-
As soon as there are new developments.
So pay attention!

This is life!
You will not recieve any damn thing back
If you are not completely satisfied;
No operators are standing by-
To take your fucking call.
In case of emergency,
You better be prepared to deal with it.
This is not a test,
Repeat...this is not a test!

This is life
There will not be a mail in rebate;
Unused portions are-
Your own tough luck;
None of this
Can be returned.
And, you can bet your bottom dollar
There are no kinds-
Of guarantees at all.
To be aware is to be alive.

This is life!
No reruns;
No syndication;
No box-set collections.
And, the first hundred callers don't get diddley!
Get busy living, 'cause we're all born dying.
There will be no film at eleven;
There will be no instant replays.
Accept no substitutes-
There are none.
This is not a test.
This is life!
... Which is already in progress

Blind Dog Dancing

There's a blind dog in tennis shoes,
On the corner, tap dancing in the rain.
He's got a seeing-eye rat on a string
Because cats have the wrong disposition,
And hamsters and gerbils just can't take the strain.
He don't jump for fast flung frisbees,
Tho he can locate them just by the sound
And, he don't bark much but he'll bite your ass.
No rolling over for this hound.
No "sit" or "stay" or playing dead;
He dances and spins and pisses on stoops
A blind dog wearing Converse Allstars
Don't jump though anybody's hoops