The Poet

The Poet

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Looking For Danger by Ron Porter ©2015

I’ll be leaving before the new sun come
Away from the ho-hum of your hum-drum.
I’m looking to live me a life of danger.
I’ll run with scissors
and piss in rivers
And, take candy from a whole lot of strangers!

The Hungry Street by Ron Porter ©2015

Oh, these ragged streets-this jagged mind
people left behind, now gone or lost
that is the cost of the predatory way
we lived our lives and, the games we’d play
so many swallowed by the hungry street
no body is safe; there is no protection
when the beast of concrete is ready to eat
lives are erased-vanished without a trace
the bigger the rats... the faster they race
the street, ever poised, awaits one more taste.

Two Sextets And A Quadrain Ron Porter ©2015

Walking away, just before day
We said everything left to say
There is no point in trying again
Walking away, in the howling wind
Never, ever , looking back
Roads ahead, roads behind.

Someone is crying over something dying
Done is done and, gone is gone
Always move on all alone
And never, never looking back
No more pretense; stripped of my pride
I never cried, I held the pain inside

All those left crying, all of those years
None every knew, I counted the tears
Always, in mind, looking back on shame
Always taking the blame

My Blues Got The Blues by Ron Porter ©2015

Me and you -  heartfelt “I does”,
trails of rice; old worn out shoes.
You been gone, so long, where are you?
Now even my blues have got the blues.

Crap or natural, faded in the alley;
Can’t bring nothing but twelves and twos.
The winner shooter sot me bus fare home,
And even my blues have got the blues.

Poor man can’t bet; scared man can’t win
And, I ain’t got much left to lose.
Don’t wear no socks; sleeping in a box.
Y’know my blues have got the blues.

Yeah, my money is funny.
I ain’t got me no honey.
can’t even cop a taste of cheap booze.
I feel so low, like going down slow.
And, my got-damn blues got the blues.

Down and out? That ain’t no news.
I’m not a member but, keep payin’ dues.
Don’t know what to do; lost without you
And I keep tellin’ you baby; don’t mean maybe
Tellin’, tellin’ tellin, everybody...
Even my low down, broken hearted blues
have got
the blues.... Ooo-ooo-ooo.
.... Lawd!