The Poet

The Poet

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ay, There's The Rub By Ron Porter ©2015

terror stalks me in noon light
horror harasses me at midnight
unknown fears of untold agency
freezes my blood through the day
and I write in fright as if
constantly scalded, naked in steam
greater nightmare torment me in dream
I thrash about as I weep
and fight against the advent of sleep
to sleep... perchance to scream.

The Penis Poem By Ron Porter ©2015

I am so very glad I have a penis
it's more convenient than a vagina.
I can pee at the side of the road
From Alaska to South Carolina.

Penises are just so much cooler
than female genitals are.
Cause girls can't piss out of
the window of a moving car.

As sure as men are from Mars
and, women are from Venus.
As much as I adore vaginas,
it's so much handier to have a penis.

Poem Without Meaning By Ron Porter ©2015

kisses of fire; a heart of ice and,
eyes cold and hard as steel
she sits at the wheel,
wearing stiletto heels
and, spins out the thread of my fate
recall plays tricks on my mind these days
so she stays a mystery to me
I think we met some past time in a dream
it seems that she has always been there
wearing a different face and name
always the same yet, different
always the steel eyes and frozen heart
and, kisses that burn like a flame.

A Salute To Nikki By Ron Porter ©2015

Tell me, baby do you remember when
every time we did it, we
would do it again?

Do you recall when we used to play;
if we did it once we'd end up
doing it all day?

We were young in love, do you recall?
We did it in the kitchen, in the bathtub
and in the hall.

Remember how we made up after a fight?
How many times, baby, did we
do it all night?

Now, we're older my hair is gray and thin.
It seems we only ever do it
every now and then.

The body ages, but if the choice was mine-
You can bet your sweet ass, baby
We'd still do it all the time.