The Poet

The Poet

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Opened Windows by Ron Porter ©2012

Oh! The warm and velvet nights
naked figures moved in darkened rooms
sometime a flickering candle flame
chased silhouettes across the wall
incense smoked the air with perfume
secret words were spoken low
with quiet intensity
while all the opened windows
admitted the traffic sounds
and the occasional
cooling summer breeze

When You Figure It Out, Explain It To Me by Ron Porter ©2013

put me on a roller coaster
prop me up in a popup tosater
cook me up in a turkey roaster
I am just alone for the ride

set me adrift in an oarless boat
lock me in a castle behind a moat
take me to the circus so i can vote
I don't have anything to hide

leave me stranded in deep snow
take me where the wild things grow
abandon me where the cold winds blow
I will still find where it's warm inside

You can take a chance
You can steal my pants
But I'll keep my car-keys and my pride
So stop being so got-damned snide!