The Poet

The Poet

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First They came For ... by Ronald S Porter ©2012

Ghetto was the Polish word
imposed by certain Germans
on the scattered children of Israel
confined to be controlled
all intended for the slaughter
with the homosexual
and the Gypsy and
the Communist and the Slav

Now who shall wear The Yellow Star
who will be the Juden
here on this teeming shore
in century twenty-one
What peoples will be the Goat
upon which we lay our sin and shame
then drive into the wilderness
our wickedness to atone?

Already the wheels turn
the lies are set in motion
the T.V. set proclaims it good
that debt and joblessness
and loss of liberty grow
actions to shred
the founding documents
strengthen and proliferate
(it may already be too late)

I was promised Hope and Change
and as gas prices soar
I find that my only hope
is to find some change
to but a loaf of bread
when I walk to the store
they tell us that the change
me must embrace is
a system that never worked before

And, the new commissars,
tell us they know better
...where we should live
... what car we need buy
what foods we must eat
what News we must listen to
and which we should not;
dictate which opinions are acceptable
tell us what to think, and how.

What we watched with horror,
prevail in other lands
now embryonic here at home
and we must look into
the lying smile
and swallow lying words
while rhetoric and propaganda
conceals the sleight of hand
incremental undermining
of the foundation of this land
too blind to see the obvious
unfolding of the master plan

Wake up America! Awaken!
the enemy is at the door!
but this time the foes stand
inside the house here
on our Teeming Shore
Ask: who will be our Juden now?
who shall wear the Yellow Star?