The Poet

The Poet

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Black Widow Dancer, for Vanalee Jean by Ronald S Porter ©2014

Ah, she had lips as smooth as oil
and posi-traction independent axle hips
snakey eyes with a gleaming sheen
and a black widow tattoo on her ass
but I never worried about the web
she wove or the venom of her bite
man! she was slick and tight!
Well... good sex only goes so far
after the eviction and cheap motels
then all those nights sleeping in the car
we found a room-four dollars a day
after three days she slipped away
I was left with a half-pint of cheap booze
between the heroin and vodka and
possible demon possession
my confession is I was kind of relieved
even though she left me holding
nothing but a bottle full of the blues.

Vous Voulez? by Ronald S Porter ©2014

You called it "making soup"
when we had sex
and we shared the joke and
secret understanding
I taught you a few latin words
while you teased me in French
your grand mamam approved of me
your mother hoped we'd marry
but your love was only a symbol
of youthful rebellion
and search for identity
mine was nothing more or less
than my desire for a dream
we sprouted in spring
blossomed in summer
and in autumn withered
like the leaves that fell
and blew away in the wind
a warning of winter to come
it was but a few days
yet for that few
it was all day every day
and Love was
teasing secrets
language lessons, laughter and
a big hot bowl of soup