The Poet

The Poet

Saturday, September 11, 2010

She Said, I Said

She said I love you.
I said No you don't.
She said I'll stay always
I said No you won't.

She said You have
no idea how much
I love you right now
I said, with sorrow,
And, you have no idea
how you will feel by
day after tomorrow.

She said It's all so right.
I said Just enjoy tonight.
She said It's you I adore.
I said I've heard that before.

She pursued; I resisted.
I said no, she persisted.
I knew better; she insisted-
So sincerely, I relented.
Pretty soon she repented.

She said It's over.
I said Goodbye.
She said Let's be friends.
I said Why?

No, she did not do me wrong
It's not her fault that we parted
No, I don't sing a lost-love song
I knew the end before we started.

I carried no anger when I left.
Nobody to blame, but myself.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Let's Beat Billy With A Stick

Let's beat Billy with a stick, until
he's as bloody as a chunk of chum.
We'll kick and punch and stomp him-
and, stick a firecracker up his bum.
We''ll snap all of his finger bones-
while we whistle a happy tune.
It'll give us something to pass the time
on such a boring, rainy afternoon.