The Poet

The Poet

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Blues Got The Blues by Ron Porter ©2015

Me and you -  heartfelt “I does”,
trails of rice; old worn out shoes.
You been gone, so long, where are you?
Now even my blues have got the blues.

Crap or natural, faded in the alley;
Can’t bring nothing but twelves and twos.
The winner shooter sot me bus fare home,
And even my blues have got the blues.

Poor man can’t bet; scared man can’t win
And, I ain’t got much left to lose.
Don’t wear no socks; sleeping in a box.
Y’know my blues have got the blues.

Yeah, my money is funny.
I ain’t got me no honey.
can’t even cop a taste of cheap booze.
I feel so low, like going down slow.
And, my got-damn blues got the blues.

Down and out? That ain’t no news.
I’m not a member but, keep payin’ dues.
Don’t know what to do; lost without you
And I keep tellin’ you baby; don’t mean maybe
Tellin’, tellin’ tellin, everybody...
Even my low down, broken hearted blues
have got
the blues.... Ooo-ooo-ooo.
.... Lawd!

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