The Poet

The Poet

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Married for The Night by Ron Porter ©2015

I met her working at the carnival, she was
the sequined, satin clad, shake-ass snake dancer;
not the type you'd call a romancer .
But, when i asked her the wrong question,
she quickly gave me just the right answer.
And, she said I ain't no long timer
I knew by her eyes to heed the warning 
We decided to get married, just for the night
and divorced first thing in the morning.
Mean and spiteful- she was just my kind;
she loved me 'til I was nearly blind.
That was quite a while ago and yet
she lingers in the back of my mind
and, to this day, every now and then,
I get excited when the carney is in town.
And we get married, just for one night
one more time, all over again.

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