The Poet

The Poet

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Wine Is Enough (For Now) written 11/24/1975 by Ron Porter ©2015

And, I placed the bottle of wine
on the counter and the dude behind it
asked Is that all you want?
and I thought
Wow it sure would be
nice to get back into school
cos, shit i really want to go into social work
not to save the world
but help maybe just one person
and save some money
and , hell it sure would be nice
to own a Cadillac and
have my poetry published or, most of all
I want a little piece of mind. But, I
also want to be loved and, have a friend
I want to appear on The Tonight Show
someday cause Johnny Carson is pretty cool
So, I answered Uh huh and nodded, and
paid the bill.
Then i walked back to the car.

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