The Poet

The Poet

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Downside Up and outside In by Ronald S Porter ©2015

The trees are telling lies on me-
rain is falling upside down.
I have lipstick on my collar
and, a lucky penny in my shoe.
All that I can think about
is you, you, you!

Car tires hum Amazing Grace
lampposts melt down in the heat
Ice cream cones go flying south
A dime a dozen? I'll take two.
All I truly want, right now,
is a little you, you you!

The streets are rolled up for the night,
the midnight train runs at ten. 
Don't panic, the buses are running;
All the red lights just turned blue.
Baby, I'm running all the way home
to get back to... her. Yeah... her.

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