The Poet

The Poet

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blueberry Skies by Ronald S Porter ©2014

Under blueberry marmalade skies
I kissed a girl with tangerine eyes
Her lips tasted of mango sweet
and her hair smelled of apples and spice

Sunlight, like golden rose petals fell
to caress our skin with warm and bright
The green fields stirred by summer winds
moved like waves do, across the sea

We laid out a picnic of youthful affection
Of heated indulgence, we ate our fill
Tasted the sweetness of laughter and lust
and drank deep the wine of love.

Gone is the day, yet in my mind's eyes
Are frozen the images of electric passion
that crackled like static over our skin
below the blueberry marmalade skies

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