The Poet

The Poet

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sight To The Blind by Ronald S Porter ©2014

I'm tired of my government lying to me
fed up with agencies spying on me
sick of the machine trying to be
the controlling fact in my life.

I've had enough of the President's lies
(You can spot it; watch the eyes)
weary of puppet masters who devise
social, political, economical strife

Meanwhile media moguls manipulate
education and information to create
discomfort, distrust, doubt and hate
to keep us fearful so we toe the line

The masters create and perpetuate fears
that has kept them in power for years;
Rob the masses to pay their own arrears.
But, freedom starts inside the mind.

Take the chance; risk the pain;
clear out the lies lodged in the brain.
It will prove well worth the strain,
the bitter pill of truth to swallow.

Truth is light; sight to the blind!
Revolution takes place in the mind;
We turn one heart; one soul at a time
Set the minds free, all the rest will follow.

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