The Poet

The Poet

Thursday, October 23, 2014

late night Be-Bop Ramble by Ronald S Porter ©2014

Well, my first impulse
is second nature
and the third time is the charm
my lover is athletic
the bartender is sympathetic
right now everything is copesetic
and nobody set off
any of the burglar alarms
I got charms and potions
from across the five oceans
and around the seven seas
My woman has my heart
all my pledges and devotions
and foreplay is the only thing
that brings me to my knees
So, I'm living for the moment
and every minute is now
I've had more fun
and dirty deeds done
than the legal laws allow
You can be sure 
my love is pure and
I will keep the promise
just as long as 
you don't  break the vow

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