The Poet

The Poet

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Can You Hear Me Calling? by Ron Porter ©2010

Broken circles, empty houses,
traces of footsteps fading away.
Every sorrow has been vanquished;
all the ships have sailed today.

Over valleys, under mountains
faces frozen in amber of time.
Can you hear the distant voices;
do you want to join the play?

I've known triumph; I've been broken,
still I stand upon the hill.
While your kisses, I remember,
dance with me just one more time.

Yesterday's love and tomorrow's
sin drips like blood, from my hands.
Take away this shroud of mourning;
mingled tears wash through my soul.

Stolen friendships; mended hearts beat;
keep step with me, through the dark.
Standing, once more, arms enfolding;
watch the sunrise renew the land.

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