The Poet

The Poet

Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Yonder Wood (in the tradition of Paul L. Dunbar) by Ron Porter ‭© 2011

Dat gal done gone an lef me alone
went t'town wit huh red shoes on.
Hi' ole heels, dress on tight
Powda and paint, sum'in ain't right

They's som kine of problum I caint explain
I believes sum main done turnt her hed
stayin out late, rais'in sayin
gotta take a baf fo' she get in bed

Me, i tries to be ah good main
work ever day; try t' serve da lord
My woman wanna ride in Cadillacs
Alls I own is ah beat down Ford

Ever night she cum home sweatin
tho the weather been steady cool
I'll make a flea a wrestlin jacket
fo I let her make me a fool.

Bag packed, gwine to da railroad track
catch me a train to eny'where good
Wanna, fine dat woman I lef  behine
Dig down, deep, in yonder wood.

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