The Poet

The Poet

Friday, January 29, 2010

No Film At Eleven (A rant for a society raised on TeeVee)

This is life!
There will be no brief interruption
For a word from our sponsors.
There will NOT be film at eleven.
You will not recieve updates-
As soon as there are new developments.
So pay attention!

This is life!
You will not recieve any damn thing back
If you are not completely satisfied;
No operators are standing by-
To take your fucking call.
In case of emergency,
You better be prepared to deal with it.
This is not a test,
Repeat...this is not a test!

This is life
There will not be a mail in rebate;
Unused portions are-
Your own tough luck;
None of this
Can be returned.
And, you can bet your bottom dollar
There are no kinds-
Of guarantees at all.
To be aware is to be alive.

This is life!
No reruns;
No syndication;
No box-set collections.
And, the first hundred callers don't get diddley!
Get busy living, 'cause we're all born dying.
There will be no film at eleven;
There will be no instant replays.
Accept no substitutes-
There are none.
This is not a test.
This is life!
... Which is already in progress

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