The Poet

The Poet

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Remember Me In Winter

When autumn's mists are on the fields-
and, the harvest moon looms low the sky,
remember me as I was in the spring,
when the light of love lit your eye.

When the maple leaves wither and brown;
when chill North wind begins to blow;
remember my arms, around you warm,
when we lay in the aura of afterglow.

When hours of darkness exceed those of light-
and, dry leaves in the stiff breeze give chase
remember our hours, midst blossoming flowers;
how I looked on you with smiling face.

When winter's cruel claws seize the earth-
and, all is suspended as if in frozen death
Remember we laughed, in the sun and heat,
And, know that I loved you with every breath.

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