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RANT AND RAVE: Opinion Page for June, 2017

Bret Whitmore addresses "Fake News"

You didn't ask for it but here it is anyway: my rant for the night.
Just for the record, I won't be giving any more airplay to the deceptive newspeak term "fake news". We grownups call it what it is: LIES. Not propaganda, not fibbing, not harmless satire, not "just a joke".
It's LIES. Period.
Lying to the public is ESPECIALLY damning coming from alleged "experts" or supposedly "reliable" sources like media outlets, who if their spokespersons have an ounce of a REAL journalist left in them, have at the very least an ETHICAL obligation to report the truth. Whenever such agencies intend to deceive us, however, purposely feeding us misinformation, misleading us just to gauge our response, or simply trying to distract us for the sake of slipping something worse past us (and making hay from all the confusion), these are just various shades and flavors of LIES.
Lying is INTENTIONAL deception for the purposes of concealing something or achieving intended (often nefarious) ends. Such tactics were an effective psychological warfare technique used against our enemies on many occasions over the last few big wars. Since it has now reached an apex of "political weaponization", however, who is responsible for it and why are they targeting the American public? What are they trying to make us think, and do? Do they think ALL of us are such easy targets?
It's time for those of us in this country wise enough to see things clearly to start pointing that merciless spotlight of public outrage right back at those responsible for this B.S. and force them to crawl out from behind their political agendas, their social engineering schemes, their well-moneyed special interests, and that brain-washing university hedge.
Have we so quickly forgotten how swiftly the nation turned on Dan Rather and Brian Williams after it was proven both had lied to the public in their official reporting? Both their seasoned talking heads were effectively silenced; their broadcasting careers left in ruins. But if that pair got pilloried and then the axe, why not all the rest of the crowd behind TODAY'S lies???

Ron Porter goes off on "Climate Change"


 I saw this bullshit on my feed and had to unleash a little rant as my comment. Said Rant goes as follows:
Man is a weak, feeble, little hairless ape whom, in his unchecked hubris, believes he can have any effect on this planet whatsoever. We are less significant to this planet as is a single flea to a lion. This planet has withstood worldwide fires, worldwide floods, three mass extinctions, collisions with asteroids and comets,seven ice ages of which we know , solar flares and magnetic pole reversals yet, it has done just fine for 3.5 billion years. Hey The first hominids appeared maybe 3 million years ago which is less than 1/1000th of the age of the planet. Modern man has been around for maybe 100 thousand years. The dinosaurs ruled the planet for 250 million years and now, we put their remains in our petro tanks. Buddy, the cockroach has endured for something like 300 million years; the crocodile has persisted, unchained, as an apex predator for about 100 million and, you think humans are something "special" or "dangerous". As a species we aren't even out of infancy; we just climbed down from the trees. So get over the arrogant thought that we are "destroying" this planet. If mankind could somehow render the whole globe unlivable for human life the earth would abide. If we managed to pollute every drop of water on the planet, it would take the earth only 200 years to purify it all again through its natural water cycle. Man's greatest achievement as a species is that he has become self-aware enough, to be self-centered enough, to think he could leave a permanent mark on earth, other than fossil remains. Man's only insanity is this great conceit.


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