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The Poet

International Guest Poets Page; © August 13 2017

Once again I am proud and happy to present some great original poetry* to you all. This is the work of various very talented writers from all over the globe. These people are not famous; you won't see them (yet) on late night talk shows but, they are saturated with talent. I count myself privileged to be able to share that talent with you.Also, several were published on face book without titles so, I am calling those "Untitled"

*All poems are the intellectual property of the writers and all rights are reserved to those individuals. It is illegal to re-post or publish anything found here without express permission of the writer.

Free ©2017 by Arnita D Doggett,(USA)

you said you wanted to be with me Forever

i believed you

little did you know
that cage you willing-ly flew into
was never locked ....

Untitled ©2017 by Michelle L Escobedo,USA ©2017

you can tell when it starts to change..
a light dims,
a mind wanders..
I don't want to be here anymore.
the words never come
and you're more alone now than ever.

if ©2017 by Arnita D. Doggett,(USA)

if I could take back
that first yes...
my path would not be as is ...

if I could go back
just one step
I would be on the right foot ... and not the left ...

silly me
taking chances
for the sake of what?

... if?....


Untitled ©2017 by Nura Tarmann,(Saudi Arabia)    
I walked a path called obscurity
Searching for the light of surety
It came and went at certain times
Like a visitor from afar from a mysterious land
Who brought something important or was it just a shoe
to protect a damsels foot from stepping in poo

Home Is Where My Heart Is ©2017 
by Beng Nicdao,(Pampanga, Philippines)

Home Is Where My Heart Is
Many times I longed to hear your spoken word,
But then I kept my expectations be put on hold.
For I knew you, you'd never speak a single word,
Unless, I myself, suffer on my own word.
But just this once I'll utter those unspoken words.
I'm sure you'd never expect of this untold words.
I love you then and I love you still,
Then, it's up to you to keep it real.

Camelot.. ©2017 by Ann Carruth Donoghue,(Ireland)

I saw him today and he was crying..
he knows where you run
when no-one is watching..
knows he can't save you from the cleaving
or the demon that feeds you
though you grown ever thinner
as your bones scorn your flesh
and your eyes once so blue
fade to your life
you cast no shadow
when you've forgotten how to walk..

I saw him today..though he passed long ago
still he weeps for the child you were once
for the dreams you let slip from your grasp
as you forged your bed of nails
amidst the ruins of Camelot...

Saga.M.U ©2017 Akpan Nsikak, (Nigeria)

She's bin washed too many times
now faded be her charms
her girls wear em strange beauty lyk war-paint
her boys? on dt rich-at-all-cost chase
All Bones, No Body.
Nobody Knows Nobody!!!
blackened bones of countless millions
on tha plains of hesitation
reeking of fear & regret
of guilt's remorseful effect
of incubating danger & chaotic chaos
goblins, werewolves, ghosts & ghouls.
SAGAMU, a cougar unashamed
echoing sounds of a harpsichord
She dies over & over again
her skeleton always gets up & walks.

Echo ©2017 by Akpan Nsikik,(Nigeria)

a wrinkle in time;
even distance cudn't get it dampened.
that spark; that distinct spark!
fanned into a flame, thrillingly.
tha fire you rubbed left it's brand
on tha most vulnerable, most vicious
& tender part of me.
az charred wood has to pay fo burning
so i, wiv indescribable yearning
refillin each day wiv fresh tides of longing
steadily hunger fo thee.
intuition or chastity belt
ain't no match fo tha desires
won't lie,
mos def wanna pierce tha hogshead
take ya to tha stars on tha wing of a pig
a breed of dark optimism?
i admire tha parsimony, still.
sinkin myself unapologetically
into thy wound that never heals
that'd be bliss!!!
buh i'd rather not hope amiss
wiv thee, still, wanna av wordy fun
untainted & unfukwitable bond
knitted thru seasons in tha sun
replottin twists fo like star-crossed
or how else wud u define
ur eyez betray u almost everytime
maybe that's y i fancy tha thin line
got me requesting each time
"Oh Lord!
lead me into this temptation
& forgive me afterwards".

Untitled ©2017 by Vasily Mikhailovich Doestovsk,(Nigeria)

I'll tell you a story
a story of a boy
of a boy named Nothing.

He, of no worth moved from mother's vagina to a carton
and left at the mercy of sour smelly refuse
with nothing but a feeble heart.
He. Was. Nothing.

Life, treated him
in a way worse than pot 'e leche to a slave, a black slave.
And with no one to tend to him,
He became his own family.

It'll take yonks to tell his story
But I'll tell you this.
He, Nothing, turned life around.
He found happiness and made heaven out of the hell life gave him.

He's leaving an impact
an impact for eternity.
He is Nothing
I am Nothing
We are nothing until we
have lived life.

Tango ©2017 by Daisy Claracita Boakye,(Ghana)

The tempo rises
My very being sensationalizes
Time to give up
You make me quiver
In ways that scare me.
My heart flutters
As your breath caresses my neck.
Like the sun lights the earth,
Your throaty humming enraptures my soul.
Yet, I can't anymore!
For in my world of strength,
You are my only weakness.

Let's tango my dear
Hide not in fear
What I do to your heart.
My knees do buckle
like a child in an an adults playground
As your head rests on my heart.
Like the plants need water,
I need your scent to ground me.
Allow my pitiful love to engulf you.
Let's dance again and again
Until our feet grow weary
Until we're bathed in love under the full moon,
Let's keep dancing.

Having you close is a pain
Having you away a heartache
Eyes that behold me in excruciating tenderness
Voice that breaks and soothes my heart.
My Achilles heel, yet my only support.
Can't do this anymore
Won't let the music end
It's time to let go.

Let not this dance end this way
The rhythm of our hearts already in sync
You complete my every move
Let go of every insecurity
Dance to your hearts fullest
For my heart is yours even after the music ends
I know you are mine too
And I'm not ready to give up.
Let's tango!


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