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The Poet

Guest Poet Page: International Artists; June 10, 2017 ©2017

 As always, it gives me great pleasure to share with you, some very well written poetry. The poets are talented young (and some not so young) artists from all over the world. This edition features artists from Ireland, Germany, Nigeria and The Philippines. This is a great cross section of writers of poems from four continents; persons representing different cultures and races. What is universal is they are all talented and, love the sweet language of prosey. I do not attempt to correct the grammar and usage of these writers because each speaks/ writes English in the idiom of their own lands. I invite you to revel in their creations and enjoy.

Silenced by Ann Carruth Donoghue ©2017

Loving out loud
The heart
The mountain tops know
How loud
Only the echo
Never carried
Silence was all
She ever heard....

Heart's Day by Beng Nicdao  ©2017

It was never just for a day,
Cause I have love you each single day.
Either daylight or at night,
You'll never be out of my sight.
We may be so far apart,
Still, I hold you close deep in my heart.

~ foolish you? ~ by Arnita D. Doggett  ©2017

it warmed my heart
when you showed an interest in me ...
my heart grew wings
and the heaviness i had felt went away ...

i smiled
i couldn’t wait to see your morning message
i’d daydream ...

when i realized
your intentions weren’t sincere
my wings were clipped
and the heaviness i had felt
found company

i had vowed
to never feel sadness
or  wear the robe of loneliness  ...
to spill tears within my heart ...

foolish me ... ... ...
or is it
foolish you?

To Edwin by  Michelle Manuel ©2017

When it came,it came through
the rush of Summer. Leaving.
Drifts into Forever. Forever was
When you said I was beautiful:
In songs, In the sodden voices of rain.
As you sing I was lost in the melody.
Lost into your heart that beats, Me.
Perhaps, You were not there to hear
To listen how it feels to be loved
Under the Purple dusk of Summer
Where leaving was not into forever.
Losing-You left Summer to linger
Alone in Winter. And in Rain.
Like forever begins to end.

Untitled by Michelle Lee Escobedo  ©2017

silver seizures wrapped in velvet violence
never to be shared...
hurt travels in hearses well rehearsed verses


no longer breathing
wasted time and memories
raked into piles so proper and precise…
exhausted explanations are finally laid to rest.

silent and simple
headstones break it down.
born, lived, died…
flowers give illusion of life…
but the cold reality sets in…
this is the end. 

Midnight musing(I don't understand what I wrote self)  by-Vasily Mikhailovich Doestovski   ©2017

This time,
I won't lie to you.
Are one perfect creation.
You are what Hathor dreams to be.
Men are willing to pay for your hand.
I must say this:
Find your love,
Find the one thing that makes your heart stop.
I'm sorry,
I am not man enough to love you.

Part One by Nura Tarmann©2017

He saw two shades
White and black
There were no grey areas
No subtle hues of blue
No grades of light and darkness
A woman was either a mother or a whore
There were no further deductions
Or distinctions
It was all very simple
Life was lived in a mode of survival
There was no time for questioning matters any further
They called him a simple man with simple tastes
No one saw the danger hiding behind his apathy
They called him the working class
But he did nothing but work for others
Losing sight of his potential to become
Projecting his darkness on the other
Not taking into account his role in making this hell on earth

Sunset in Brussels by Akpan Nsikak ©2017

tha voice rised into a crescendo
a full-throated laughter exploded
wiv no touch of hysteria innit
"You can't go", she told him, "bleep it"
..i stood there deadpan
slight scowl on ma face
"it is chess, not checkers"
i suddenly remembered tha highway
those tripz, dem Fridays
Tha Barreness Of A Busy Life!!
her eyes stayed fixed on tha kitchen knife
he'd already backed her, lost in thought
i felt it, creepin disenchantment, WTF!!!
from lockin her slippery lips
firmly around his thick shaft
to plottin a bleeeeedy scene
you-can't-see-me style.
Horses are faster, Camels are smarter.
realizin t'was a OneTym shot
i steppt outta tha shadow, pullt tha hammer
sendin her into a state of tongue-tied shock 

Delicious Poison by  Akpan Nsikak ©2017

tha wind blew in a vicious rage
i branched, just to take cover
ina uncompleted buildin along Ajaka border
it'd started drizzlin already.
spotted a spot, had to blaze
buh almost immediately, i heard voices
scan'd options, drifted thru choices
slowly, tiptoed toward tha 'medley'
few wedgy steps later, i saw them!
their lips, chafed raw on each oda.
he looked lyk a spoon dt bends
she? one helluva fairy godmother
arched her body lyk a cat on a stretch
then hurriedly reached fo tha piston
  sly vixen - i cud tell
certainly addicted to tha ecstacy of friction
explored creativity wiv sophisticated naughtiness
thrills racin thru her flamin loins
her skills were sum'n else
almost made him go overboard
"Iya Dupe" "Iya Dupe o"
tha shouts startled everyone
it came from across tha road
buh someone else approached tha door
- i lighted tha haze
drag'd a few, turned litly
her eyez took in tha details of ma stare wiv a conflicted gaze
mouth filled wiv viscous jism
now standin alone, clawed by fear.

"Ahhh! Baba Dupe"    

Until then... by Daisy Claracita Boakye ©2017

Before the beginning of time I cried
My heart broke over the ordeals I foresaw.
My tears never ran dry.
Man was going to become his own enemy
And a way to stop it,

It didn't start when we thought it started
Oh no, it didn't.
It started before our shores were invaded
Before we saw different colours of the same human.
Man was already his own enemy
There was no way to stop that.

I cried over Africa
A mother who bled from her heart
But tried to stand strong.
Like the cloudless sky
There was no clue whom to trust.

I cried over Liberia ,I cried over Biafra
I cried over every country that bled.
Ghana, South Africa too.
Genocides shook my very core
The stench of death interwoven
With the evening breeze.

I slept to escape my woes
Yet woke up to wailing and screams
From my dreams.
The day, with nothing better to offer.
Only man ending the life of his fellow man.

In the end, it all went away.
But did it really?
Physically, maybe.
Emotionally, psychologically, no!

Slaves at heart and mind.
Oppression our daily bread.
Our very step is still overseen
By the invisible eye of the invincible master.

We do not understand our own.
We'd rather seek approval by reproach than by love.
Hatred rules our hearts.
Change must come.

It is no longer a skin problem.
It is a mentality one.
We need help.
To be doused in wisdom
And administered a dose of knowledge too

Until we understand the value of life,
We'll always be in this trench.
Until we look back long enough
To see we haven't changed,
The future will still hold the tragic stories of our past.
It'll be like a carousel roundabout
In a playground made of blood and gloom.
Until we see we are the problem,
It'll always be the same.

Until then,...

My World by Beng Nicdao ©2017

I know I ain't fitted into your world.
So, I decided to create my own world.
Where love can be felt freely.
Despite for it's being imaginary.
A world, where there's..,
No hatred built,
behind rejection.
No time to give up,
but to keep the love alive.
No painful sentiments,
but with reminiscences of joy.
No brick walls built,
but picket fences I'd keep.
No crushing of walls just to see,
through the window or fences I'd peek.
No words of goodbyes,
only hi's and hello's with my great smile.
No wondering of words,
but wisdom to wonder.
No hopeless fool,
only true love rules.
A world.., where there is,
No restrictions,
even you could fit in.

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