The Poet

The Poet

Page 2, A Porter Fairy Tale

One of my favorites so I posted it again:

After The Kiss ©2017 By Ronald S Porter

Snow White slowly opened her eyes. She was groggy, her muscles ached. What had happened? Then she remembered, the old lady, the apple. She must have been drugged. How long had she been asleep? She tried to sit up. She was too weak; she felt herself falling backwards. Then she felt something else.
 A strong hand in the small of her back.. caught the young lass. Her vision cleared in that moment. She looked up into the face of the handsomest man she'd ever seen. His skin was tanned golden brown, his hair was black as night. His lips were full and ripe and inviting, his nose long, thin, that of an aristocrat. And , oh those eyes. Those eyes: piercing, intense;  blue as ice yet burning with fiery passion. This was him, the one of whom she had dreamed. Her prince;he had come.
 Tears of joy spilled from her eyes. The smile spread on her face like dawn on the meadows. As she looked up into the face of her rescuer, Snow White thinking of the cabin and the seven little men she shared it with and exclaimed " At last, a man with  a full sized dick."
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