The Poet

The Poet

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Party Likes It's.... by Ronald S Porter ©2017

I was dancing with the devil 
to the Tennessee waltz
in the full moon's sallow light
War and Death played dominoes
at a table by the door
Pestilence hacked and coughed 
in the corner while, Famine ate
canapes and gazed into the night 
Beyond the big bay window as
the world burns in hellish light

the stars fall from the sky
the moon is dripping blood
the Earth screams in agony
the dance is ended, I drift
to the bar and lean in between
Siva the Destroyer and Dark Kali
Hey Kali, I ask The Eater Of Worlds
what's the bartender's name?
She just says It's such a wonderful
party,we're all glad you came.

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