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The Poet

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nightfall; June 8, 2017 by Ronald s Porter ©2017

Hello Followers and Friends,

First let me say; I'd love to post more often. My original plan was to publish new poetry every two weeks. I could do so if I chose to. However, I don't want this to be a vanity site. I don't do this to gratify my ego by showing off my poetry. Yes, I like to show my work to people but; I want more to expose people to a variety of quality poetry. this is the reason for the Guest Poet Page.

In the past there were numerous poets posting on Face Book. I was part of an online community of poets on Face Book. Now, many of those people, for their own personal reasons, have severely cut their output or, ceased posting poetry at all. So, it now takes me longer to get enough good work from other poets for a new page. If you are a poet or, know poets, please submit or, have them submit poetry for posting. said poetry can be sent to me at I welcome on the help I can get.

Secondly; Speaking of help: please help me spread the word. I could use google but, then you'd see ads all over the page. I don't want anything distracting from the writing here. so, if you like what you find here, I invite you to become a follower. I also invite you to recommend this page to other poets and writers you know.

Lastly; Okay, I call this episode of the page "Nightfall". I feel my own poetry here is a bit "dark" in mood. I wrote on the theme of  approaching devastation. This devastation can be existential, mental or emotional or even societal. What I was trying to convey was a foreboding of the approach of decline. You can be the judge of whether I succeeded. Please leave comments as feedback. You must be a follower to comment (I think). I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Humbly, Ron Porter

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