The Poet

The Poet

Friday, February 3, 2017

“Was Gonnas” Don’t Get It by Ronald S Porter ©2017

Once I had me a Dracula moon, a
long black coat and, a faded red car
Wrapped up in magic and lightning,
Oh how we danced the fury frenzy.
I don’t remember the steps anymore
So, I retired from the dancing floor.

Past love all fell in smoldering ashes;
Angels versus demons- nobody won.
Once addicted to mania and mayhem,
Now, I’m hooked on nothing at all;
The game is over, the deal is done;
In the night I can hear the voices call.

The monkey sits on a rat, that rides a snake.
Fears and tears once flew like a blizzard
To change things now, would take a wizard;
I am only a man, I turn and just walk away.

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