The Poet

The Poet

Friday, February 3, 2017

Just Don’t Cooperate Fool by Ronald S Porter ©2017

Racism is the root of my ills, I hear it said.
You say, the white man, keeps you down
All I can do is sigh and shake my head.
You got to learn to turn that thinking around.

Nobody strips my my dignity or my pride.
Listen close to everything I’m telling you.
I know that laws that are on my side;
Believe me I know just what i have to do.

You say a racism system holds you back.
Let me help you identify to your error.
If you want to see your oppressor, jack;
Take a good hard look into your mirror.

War was waged for my liberty in this land;
Too many fought, too hard and, too long
For me to ever not take a strong stand,and
I cover every inch of ground I stand upon.

I don’t care about bigots’ attitudes, you see;
Nor give a shit about hearts filled with hate.
The only way anybody can tread on me
Is if I lay down at their feet and cooperate.

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