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The Poet

Friday, February 3, 2017

Cupid’s Arrows and Slavery’s Chains: February 3, 2017 By Ronald S Porter ©2017

Hello Poetry Lovers,

I’m glad to be back; I’m Glad you are here too. Well, it’s February and almost Saint Valentine Day. So; I put some love poems, of sorts, in this posting. Also, February is “Black History Month” in the USA (notice, we got the shortest month). Now I could say “So, I’m gonna get Black on yo ass”. However, i never “get” Black. I am always Black. Got that? Good. What I did do was include some poems relating to living as a Black person in this society. And I used two of my favorite themes of Black verbal expression.

Several of the poems are written in the Biblical Style of the Old Testament. That’s because Black preachers have done much to influence the poetic linguistic style of the  American Black community; the Black pulpit has always been a showcase of eloquent imagery and, magnificent rhetorical flourish. Also most of the major figures in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ‘60s were Black preachers, bishops and ministers. I also used a lot of rhyme. Rhyme has traditionally taken center stage in African American speech, from the neighborhood playground to the halls of Congress to the Presidential campaign trail. so to all the literary snobs who decry the use of rhyme, in poetry, as simplistic and primitive: kiss my ass I don’t tell white folks how to talk.

Okay, remember to check out the other three pages, especially the guest poets on page 2. Lets get to it. Enjoy.
Humbly, Ron porter

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